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Hylomar Blue Gasket Compound

Hylomar Blue Gasket CompoundWhen re-assembling engine parts you can do no better than using Hylomar Blue, the world's leading non-setting gasket and jointing compound. Resistant to fuels, lubricants and water, it forms a highly effective seal and can be used on metal to metal joint faces or as a coating for gaskets.

Thread Files

Thread FilesRepair damaged Metric threads with our top quality file type thread restorer made by Sykes-Pickavant. 

Thread Gauge

Thread GaugeMake thread identification easy with our combined metric and imperial screw pitch gauge. Featuring 51 folding blades, individually stamped with accurately formed thread profiles. Comes with a handy chart to help you know which thread is which! A must for the toolbox!

Vernier Caliper

Vernier CaliperWith a measuring range of 0 - 6" (0-150mm) these digital vernier calipers will read in metric or imperial at the touch of a button. Made from stainless steel they provide clear and accurate readings on a bright LCD display. Supplied with a spare battery and storage case, a digital vernier caliper will prove invaluable.